Bring the Advantages of Cloud Communications to Your Business

Sep 2016

The march toward cloud services is unstoppable. Recent data indicate that 48% of enterprises are now using a cloud-based productivity & email suite, up from just 28% in 2014. More and more companies are looking at communications as an area where using cloud technology would yield substantial benefits. Here are of the four main areas where those benefits are realized:

1. Cost of Ownership

Cloud models offer both predictability via per user per month spend, and also overall reductions in TCO based on other factors like reduced maintenance, decreased burden on your IT staff, and the elimination of legacy phone lines and long distance charges. Most companies that deploy a cloud VoIP solution see an overall reduction in Total Cost of Ownership on the order of 30% compared to traditional PBX systems.

2. Simplification

Within our solution we have focused on making the management and end user experience as simple as possible. The Altus cloud solution puts you back in control, with simple portals and applications enabling you to add/remove users or features in seconds. The intuitive user interfaces allow you to take advantage of advanced unified communications capabilities, often for the first time.

3. Flexible and Mobile Working

As the workforce and business environment evolve, there is an increasing requirement to work flexibly from different locations, rather than having a set cubicle in an office. With our cloud solution you can use the solution from any location and with a large range of devices.

4. Rich Collaboration

The requirement for users to collaborate, both internally amongst themselves and externally with customers and vendors, is increasing. We offer you a rich set of collaboration tools in our UC Collaboration Bundle including: group chat, desktop sharing, and My Room Audio/Video conferencing.

Not All Clouds are the Same!

In order to take advantage of the clear benefits of a cloud communication solution, it is crucial that you choose the correct partner and technical platform since not all clouds are created equal.

By Partnering with Altus you get the benefits of working with a customer-oriented service provider who understands your business, and the peace of mind knowing that the solution is supported by the leading global provider of unified communications technology – Broadsoft. Broadsoft’s credentials are clear for all to see: Infonetics estimate they lead the Hosted UC market with over 30% market share. They currently provide services to 19 of the Top 25 Global Service providers and have over 30 million VoIP Lines in service. The Altus offering is built on Broadsoft.


About Altus

Altus is the premier choice for cloud-based communications solutions, providing businesses with flexible and secure technologies that help employees and customers stay connected more easily. Whether looking for basic telephony service, or comprehensive unified communications, business executives trust Altus to deliver the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs. As an FCC-registered service provider, Altus offers enterprise-grade performance across its secure, geo-redundant carrier platform. Start communicating better with Altus. For more information, visit or call toll free 866.922.4001.

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