Save 20% or more on your overall phone bill with Altus Connect.

Altus Connect provides you with unlimited local and long-distance calling for a fraction of what you are paying today – without buying new equipment or sacrificing call quality.

Keep your current phone numbers, fax numbers and the functionality of your underlying equipment, but let Altus port them into our cloud system so you can pay less for your calls, experience superior customer service and benefit from our reliable business continuity service.

Through Altus Connect, switch from legacy phone lines to the less-expensive alternative: calling over the Internet. Your employees share call paths and you only pay for the number of lines that you need. Our technology works with phone equipment from all of the leading manufacturers – Cisco, Avaya, NEC, ShoreTel, whomever.

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“Our company switched to Altus Connect to take advantage of the unlimited local and long-distance afforded by the Internet calling without losing the features and functionality we are comfortable with from a premise-based phone system. The call quality has been good, and I get peace of mind from knowing that the Altus technician who came to my office and deployed the services is reachable if any problem were to arise.”

-Victoria Shaw, Property Manager / The Fowler Company