Good Business Continuity Is More Proactive Than Reactive

Sep 2015

Everything seems fine with your business and then one day when you least expect it, your phone services go down, and your customers can’t reach you. Circumstances like this occur every day and your risk for this type of event is probably much higher than you know.

5 Most Common Events for an Outage:

  1. Carrier Network Outage– your telephone lines went down
  2. Equipment Failure– a critical component in your phone system has failed
  3. NaturalDisasters– tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, earthquake, flood
  4. PowerOutage— your building’s power was knocked out
  5. Fire and other similar events

Many companies purchase insurance policies that are designed to cover business interruption and also address business continuity. In many cases, small and medium sized companies that face this issue have an extremely difficult time recovering, which damages their revenue and creates expenses and further, their relationships with customers and suppliers. Especially when dealing with the loss of the business structure, recovery time becomes extended.

There is a better way to shield your business from these events.
Our suite of telephone services, Altus Voice and Altus Unified Communications, provides redundant layers of protection against outages. These solutions are delivered from geographically diverse, redundant and fully integrated Carrier Data centers providing 99.999% reliability*.

With Altus, your business is safeguarded from the following situations:

  • In the event your local network experiences a failure, our services include a mobility application providing full functionality including hold, transfer, conference, 4-digit dialing to any internal personal via their installed mobile application and the ability to make phone calls as if you were in your office.
  • In the event your Internet connection ceases, the mobility application will once again continue to work as your desktop phone would work.
  • In the event our system does not locate any telephone or other mobile activity during normal business hours to our platform, our “Business Continuity” services are automatically enabled pushing all calls to predetermined services, which may include answering services, voicemail, cell phones, home phones or any other type of number that you predetermine. This service also extends to your contact center.

What about the weather, fire or power outages?
In most cases, your team members can simply take their phones home and plug them directly into an Internet jack and they will begin receiving/making calls from that location.

  • If their desktop phones are not available, they can simply use their mobile application on their cell phones or laptop.
  • We have a dedicated team of highly trained people that stand behind our services and are ready to help you through whatever situation may be occurring at your particular location. We proactively monitor our services to ensure that not only your service is operational, but also you are receiving the highest-level service.

Finally, when you decide to begin using our services, our installation team will map out your business continuity plan and implement those services in the event you would ever need them at no charge to you.

We deliver service excellence every day and look forward to working with your organization

*Excludes predetermined maintenance windows.

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