Cloud Communications: The Myth of Losing Control

Nov 2016



From the SMB to the enterprise, companies across the spectrum are rapidly adopting cloud communications to gain faster access to advanced features, leverage internal IT resources, and eliminate the hassle of integrating multi-vendor products and solutions.  However, some business IT investment decision makers are still holding back on the move to UCaaS for fear of losing control over their critical communications infrastructure.  It is high time for this myth to go away.  The reality is that modern hosted internet protocol telephony and unified communications and collaboration solution grant more control both to IT administrators as well as the end users themselves.


Advanced Web Portals


A critical component of the move to UCaaS is the inclusion of advanced web portals.  These online user dashboards enable customer organizations to distribute control of the various business communications capabilities among various stakeholders within the organization.  The IT administrator can have a higher degree of access and control (to provision new users, for example), while the business end user can have a lesser degree of administrative rights, but still have ready access to all of the critical features, user profile info, and call flow settings which are necessary to carry out his/her job effectively and efficiently.  These web portals are very intuitive and user friendly, and enable companies to control their business communications themselves without being overly dependent on legacy VoIP technicians to change user profiles, adjust settings, or update software releases.


Mix & Match Licensing Levels


Modern cloud based communications providers give their customers a greater degree of control to only provide advanced (more expensive) features like web conferencing, IM, and presence, only to those end users who need those features.  Certain business users only need core telephony – pick up, speak up, and hang up.  Other business users want collaboration, mobile clients, video calling, and work stream capabilities integrated with their business phone system.   Hosted systems can accommodate these differences.  Legacy TDM and on-premise voice systems often embrace a “one size fits all” mentality and lock all users into certain licensure levels or feature sets, without the ability to readily mix and match.


Scale Up / Scale Down


In the old world, an IT decision maker would need to estimate the number of end users operating on a communications platform years in advance, at the time of system purchase. “How many ports do you need?” was a common, and often difficult question do to the ever changing and ever evolving needs of modern companies.  In the new world of hosted VoIP, IT administrators can readily add and provision new users whenever they are hired by the company, eliminating the hassle of system expansions or expense of over-investment in underutilized capacity.




Businesses moving their communications to the cloud want to ensure that they retain an appropriate degree of control over their capabilities.  Unlike legacy offerings, cloud communications solutions empower customer IT staff and end users alike.  This control is achieved through advanced, easy-to-use, web portals, as well as the ability to readily mix and match licensing and scale up / scale down as needed.  Kick the myth of losing control to the curb and embrace your new workforce reality.



About Altus


Altus is the premier choice for cloud-based communications solutions, providing businesses with flexible and secure technologies that help employees and customers stay connected more easily.  Whether looking for basic voice service, comprehensive unified communications, or contact center, business executives trust Altus to deliver the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs.  Altus offers enterprise-grade performance across its secure, geo-redundant carrier platform. Start communicating better with Altus.  For more information, visit or call toll free 866.922.4001.

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