Define Your Future

Nov 2015

BroadSoft ConnectionsKey Takeaways from BroadSoft Connections 2015 

Fresh off our annual pilgrimage to BSFT Connections ’15, the altus team is pumped about what’s coming down the pike … here are four nuggets to help you Define Your Future:

#1 Enhancements & Upgrades

If you had to summarize the essence of Connections in just a single word that word would be “features.” Lots of new stuff is being pushed into the market. We saw the new customer admin and myphone portals, demoed the multiparty video, checked out Chrome integration with the collaboration bundle and learned about tons of other features and enhancements including SIP trunking, end user training and additional hardware for the cloud platform.

#2 Project Tempo

Broadsoft announced Tempo, a new initiative that they say will make unified communications simpler and workers across their platforms more productive. Tempo will integrate real-time communications and collaboration tools as well as cloud applications. A key theme of the dialogue is that Tempo will include contextual intelligence and enable employees and businesses to gain insights into how their unified communications (UC) technologies are being used and integrate such information as users’ conversations, social profiles and availability, according to officials. We think Tempo is awesome and can’t wait to see how the project develops, but some analysts believe that the technology is still a bit on the bleeding edge.

#3 UC Moves Upmarket

While hosted VoIP has been on fire in the SMB for several years now, one important takeaway from the conference is that mid-market customers (roughly 100 to 1,000 seats) are now ready to move their communications to the cloud. In fact, industry analysts are predicting the growth in the mid-market segment to be in the 30%+ range annually for the next several years. Altus has experienced this firsthand and was invited by Broadsoft to host a panel discussion at the conference about deploying in the mid-market.

#4 Rim to Rim

After three days of meetings, networking and taking in all of the latest UC features with the rest of the crew at the Arizona Biltmore, the altus team headed north where a couple of us hiked all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out on the same day. Breakfast on the trail, lunch at Phantom Ranch, and dinner at El Tovar. What a trip!

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