Secret to Effective Workplace Collaboration

Jun 2017

Fostering Effective Workplace Collaboration  Collaboration drives so much in a workplace. Collaborative teams have a deeper sense of trust, are more willing to take risks, and are supportive of each other more consistently. It’s a powerful trait to infuse into any work team.  How best to collaborate depends on many factors: the teams, the work,… Read More

Time To Replace That Toshiba Phone System

May 2017

If your company is using a Toshiba phone system, it is probably time to start looking for a new vendor.  The company recently announced that they are exiting the phone business and winding down their telecommunications systems division, or TSD.  Customers and distributors were caught off guard by the announcement, and Toshiba will stop accepting… Read More

The Seven Deadly Sins of a PBX Phone System

May 2017

Many premises-based phone system (PBX) manufacturers claim that the 5 year costs of their systems are lower than an equivalent Cloud PBX alternative. What the premises guys don’t tell you about is all the extra little hidden costs that come as a result of the limitations of the hardware and software in their systems. This… Read More

Two Workforce Trends Driving Unified Communications

Apr 2017

Maybe you’ve heard it all before: millennial workers are driving change in the workplace and mobile workers are demanding business communications tools that work anywhere anytime, regardless of location or device.  If you are a business owner or CIO/CTO you need to look at the data and take it all to heart, or elsewise be… Read More

The Real Cost of Your Business Phone System

Apr 2017

Many on-premise phone system (PBX) manufacturers claim that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their systems is lower than an equivalent cloud VoIP system. What the PBX guys don’t tell you about is all the extra hidden components of the cost picture.  If you look carefully, you may be surprised to discover that the… Read More

The 50 Shades of VoIP

Apr 2017

It is time to put the phone jargon about “cloud pbx” and “VoIP” aside and set the record straight for the common man.  Far too often we run into customers and business owners who feel overwhelmed and confused by the amount of telecom lingo and technology speak they encounter when they just want to refresh… Read More

What’s All The Fuss Over SD-WAN?

Apr 2017

 Perhaps you are an IT expert who is already well versed in software-defined wide area networking, or SD-WAN, but if you are like most busy IT professionals or business executives you might be a little too distracted with the challenges of running your company today to spend a lot of time looking over the horizon… Read More

Real World VoIP Security Threats

Mar 2017

By now you are probably familiar with the well-documented benefits of cloud based VoIP an unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions. This technology, like any other, is nevertheless subject to periodic attacks from bad actors intent on stealing personal information and attempting to profit from it.As the criminal element is ever-creative and adapting to… Read More

Your All-In-One Communications System

Mar 2017

If you are like most companies, the way your organization communicates is critical for your success. Provide the best and most efficient experience for all or your workers and teams with the power of cloud based communications.   You no longer need to deal with the headaches and bills associated with traditional PBX phone systems. Altus… Read More

Work The Way You Want To

Mar 2017

The era of the on premise PBX is quickly coming to an end. The last few believers in the legacy hardware-based phone system were recently shaken to the core when Avaya, a top three manufacturer of voice headsets, recently declared bankruptcy. What is emerging from the demise of the old world, is a modern, flexible… Read More

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