The Altus Partner Program – A Difference Maker

Apr 2016

A team of us from Altus recently spent some time at two different industry conferences, Enterprise Connect down in Orlando and Channel Partners in Las Vegas.  We were repeatedly asked the same question by potential channel partners: “What makes Altus different from the other cloud service providers?”  A lot, actually.  We were glad they asked.



Expertise Beyond the SMB


Any provider of hosted VoIP and unified communications worth their salt should be able to turn up a small site without too much difficulty.  Historically, most of the end customers deploying cloud UC have been SMB and micro-SMB type business, often with fewer than 20 users.  These types of business frequently operate out of a single office or location and use a very basic auto attendant to front-end the calls.  Like the competition, Altus can turn of these type of customers with ease.  What sets our team apart is a track record of successful deployments in the mid-market and the enterprise, where business operate across multiple geographies, time zones, and business units.  These type of deployments are much more complex, requiring a deeper understanding of call flows, enterprise data networking, and the customer’s underlying infrastructure.  As the demand for cloud communications continues to expand up-market, partnering with a service provider who can deliver in the enterprise is critical for success.



True Unified Communications


Most of our competition in the channel comes from cloud service providers who offer what we would call your run-of-the mill “cloud PBX”, which is essentially just a business phone system hosted in the cloud.  Few of them offer true unified communications, which includes not only telephony but also additional collaborative technologies such as video calling, web conferencing, content sharing, instant messaging, and presence.   Altus brings all of these communication technologies together under a single, unified cloud platform.   We repeatedly run into situations where a sales prospect is using one or more point solutions like GoToMeeting for web meetings or BlueJeans for video, and also paying separately for a core voice platform.  In the modern corporate communications environment, employees need to be able to communicate in multiple ways, and with Altus our partners can deliver this outcome for their clients in a way that saves the end customer money and simplifies their business.



Network Monitoring


Select a service provider that has visibility into what’s happening on the end customer’s network, as that is the single biggest determinant of call quality.  At Altus, we deploy a small sentinel device (PacketSmart) on the customer site to monitor network traffic and bandwidth consumption.  This a tremendous differentiator for us in the market.  A major benefit of the cloud is the ability to handoff phone system responsibilities to an expert.  Our channel partners know not to be swayed by a low cost competitor because they might end up being not only the VoIP recommender, but also the VoIP engineer.  Let Altus handle the technical stuff.  By knowing what is happening with the packets at each leg between the end customer and our cloud platform, our engineers are able to quickly troubleshoot any issues and keep the end customer informed and happy.



High Touch Model


At Altus, we believe that customers and partners alike want to embrace the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing personalized service and support.  We have an extensive training program for our partners, and we utilize a very high touch model with both our channel partners as well as our end users.  For the partner that includes a lot of go-to-market training, events, and pre and post-sale engineering and sales support.  As for the end customer, we send a technician on-site to do over 90% of our installs, and conduct end user training on the customer premise.  The Altus support team is 100% U.S. based and available around the clock at no additional fee to our customers.  Our competitors rarely offer the type of personalized service that we do, and our channel partners appreciate this fact.



About Altus


Altus is the premier choice for cloud-based communications solutions, providing businesses with flexible and secure technologies that help employees and customers stay connected more easily.  Whether looking for basic voice service, comprehensive unified communications, or contact center, business executives trust Altus to deliver the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs.  As an FCC-registered service provider, Altus offers enterprise-grade performance across its secure, geo-redundant carrier platform. Start communicating better with Altus.  For more information, visit or call toll free 866.922.4001.

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