ALTUS 911 Policy & Disclosure Statement

May 2016

ALTUS 911 Policy & Disclosure Statement

Pursuant to the FCC’s VoIP E911 Order1, all interconnected VoIP service providers, like Altus, are required to “advise every subscriber, both new and existing, prominently and in plain language, the circumstances under which E911 Service may not be available through the interconnected VoIP service or may be in some way limited by comparison to traditional E911 service.”

911-type Services means functionality that allows end-users to contact emergency services, including, without limitation, police, fire and medical emergency services. Enhanced 911-type services (E911) has the ability to selectively route an emergency call to the primary 911 provider so that it reaches the correct emergency service located closest to the subscriber location and to transmit the identification of the subscriber location and telephone number.

Altus offers 911-type and E911 services where they are supported by the capabilities of the local public safety answering point (PSAP), but these services are not immediately available in all areas and they are offered subject to the following limitations and requirements:

  •  Every end user of Altus services must provide an end-user location for each telephone number in the form of a valid street address and correctly maintain and update this location information.
  •  911 Services will not be available in the event of the assignment of a telephone number to a location outside of the geographic rate center associated with such telephone number; or the relocation of the calling device to which a telephone number has been assigned to a location away from the registered end user location information as required to enable that information to be registered in the local telephone company’s automatic location information database. E911 services are not available on soft phones, local inbound numbers, or virtual numbers.
  •  911-type Services will not be available in the event of an outage, degradation or other disruption of electric power or your broadband internet connection at your location. 911-type Services will not be available in the event of a suspension or termination of your Altus services.
  • Altus VoIP services does not support 911-type Services in rate centers where these services are not available or if it is available and it is not activated. A call placed to 911 in these situations will attempt to complete, but it will not utilize the 911 infrastructure to selectively route calls to the primary 911 provider; the 911 call may or may not complete, and if it does complete, it may complete to a person or administrator other than the 911 dispatcher or to a 911 dispatcher in a different geographic location; the callers’s location information will not be displayed; and the callback number may or may not be displayed.
  • In all cases Altus recommends that that the caller should communicate his location and phone number to the individual answering the call.
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