Preventing Business Disruption When Disasters Occur

Oct 2017

In recent weeks hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have devastated the lives and homes of many people.  Many of those affected by these disasters are not only recovering from the personal impact on their homes and property, but also the impact on their businesses.  Recovering from any natural catastrophe would be difficult, but taking the proper precautions beforehand can certainly relieve some of the pressure.  Most people carry insurance policies to cover the loss of personal property, but what about the loss of revenue or the impact on a company’s reputation when your customers or employees can’t communicate effectively in the aftermath of a disruption?

Preventing Business Disruption When Disasters Occur

Ultimately, it doesn’t take a hurricane to cause meaningful disruption in business communications. Every day, infrastructure mishaps, carrier outages, or building maintenance issues can also create downtime. What is the best way for your business to prepare for disaster recovery and business continuity?  When it comes to communications the answer is to choose a hosted VoIP provider.



Off-Site & Redundant Infrastructure

One of the major advantages of cloud-based VoIP is that it does not require the guts of your business phone system to reside in a single location as is typically the case with an on-premise PBX.  Instead, your business phone system sits in multiple carrier facilities across the country and is always available to handle calls coming into your business, even if your local site is without power or internet connectivity.  Your customers and employees will still be able to reach your phone system (and each other) which can direct calls to alternate offices or registered mobile users.

Business Continuity Planning

 Another benefit is that your company can create a continuity plan that automatically kicks into action the moment service to your place of business is hindered.  Since your customers can reach your phone system, this means all calls can automatically be forwarded to cell phones or another site without any break in the flow of business.  Another advantage to this is that the plan is fluid and can be changed on the fly in a matter of minutes. This gives your business the flexibility to improvise through unexpected changes or trouble.

No Extra Charges

Finally, all of these redundancy and business continuity benefits come without additional costs. With traditional systems this level of availability and continuity would cost a ton of money to purchase, implement and maintain. When it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity the best decision is to go hosted VoIP.

About Altus

Altus is the premier choice for cloud-based business communications, providing companies with flexible and secure technologies that help employees and customers stay connected more easily.  Whether looking for basic voice service, comprehensive unified communications, or contact center, business executives trust Altus to deliver the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs.  Start communicating better with Altus.  For more information, visit or call toll free 866.922.4001.

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