Time To Replace That Toshiba Phone System

May 2017

Time to replace that ToshibaIf your company is using a Toshiba phone system, it is probably time to start looking for a new vendor.  The company recently announced that they are exiting the phone business and winding down their telecommunications systems division, or TSD.  Customers and distributors were caught off guard by the announcement, and Toshiba will stop accepting orders altogether on May 22nd, 2017.

The Skinny on Toshiba

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who purchased a Toshiba phone system for your business, this is what you need to know:

  • Toshiba will still keep their warranty and maintenance obligations
  • VIPedge users will continue to receive service until their contracts end
  • Toshiba will waive any early termination fees for those who want to cancel

But, at the end of the day, most affected companies will want to put into place some type of migration strategy to a new platform.  In your evaluation of the best option for your business, make sure to consider hosted VoIP, as that is clearly where the market is headed in terms of growth and technology evolution.

More of The Same

In his industry blog, Talking Pointz, analyst Dave Michels points out that Toshiba’s move is “both surprising and not at the same time”.   On the one hand Toshiba makes a reliable PBX that has competed effectively with the likes of NEC and Mitel for a long time, but on the other hand the industry trend is clearly moving away from the on-premise PBX toward UCaaS.  Avaya continues to wrestle with the future of its PBX business, and although the company recently announced that they might have a bankruptcy resolution plan in place by the end of the summer, industry analysts continue to question their long-term strategy and what the company will look like out into the future.  ShoreTel, another of the leading legacy PBX vendors, continues to struggle in the marketplace and last year formed a strategic committee to evaluate a sale of the company, among other options.  Perhaps, as appears to be the case with Toshiba, there simply aren’t any buyers out there anymore for old-world telephony as the cloud unified communications revolution continues to unfold.

About Altus

Altus is the premier choice for cloud-based business communications, providing companies with flexible and secure technologies that help employees and customers stay connected more easily.  Whether looking for basic voice service, comprehensive unified communications, or contact center, business executives trust Altus to deliver the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs.  As an FCC-registered service provider, Altus offers enterprise-grade performance across its secure, geo-redundant carrier platform. Start communicating better with Altus.  For more information, visit www.altusuc.com or call toll free 866.922.4001.

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