Get on the BYOD Bandwagon

Sep 2015

For years, businesses resisted as more and more employees brought their personal PCs or Macs, smartphones and tablets into the work environment. With advances in broadband networks and cloud applications and a huge proliferation in the number of smart devices around the globe, the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here to stay. Employers have two choices: continue to resist the inevitable, or leverage this new reality to drive improvements in their businesses.

Many companies still have lingering concerns about security and privacy when it comes to cloud applications and BYOD. These fears are legitimate but overblown. Cloud servers in many instances enjoy greater security and monitoring than those installed locally at the business premise.

Fortunately for both companies and their employees, the IT managers, who were for so long the BYOD bogeymen, have now finally recognized and come to accept what has always been true: people use their business device for non-work purposes and use their personal devices for business purposes.

It is time for companies to get on the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of BYOD:

#1 Save Money

Every device or service your employee pays for is one that you do not need to as an employer. Leveraging BYOD can alleviate the need for costly capital spending in some cases, particularly for the SMB where companies can, in certain instances, choose to provide no device whatsoever.

#2 Mobile Workforce

Work is no longer confined to an office, conference room or cubicle. People are working more from remote locations, and employees, especially millennials, are demanding more flexible arrangements and a greater work-life balance. Importantly, BYOD can improve response times, facilitate collaboration and enable employees to get more done after-hours.

#3 Business Continuity

As compared to the traditional premise-based communications system, a BYOD-enabled workforce offers huge business continuity advantages. Employees can stay connected using cell phones and any internet connection, keeping a business functioning in an emergency and preventing downtime.

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