Real World VoIP Security Threats

Mar 2017

By now you are probably familiar with the well-documented benefits of cloud based VoIP an unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions. This technology, like any other, is nevertheless subject to periodic attacks from bad actors intent on stealing personal information and attempting to profit from it.As the criminal element is ever-creative and adapting to the latest security standards and protocols, Altus recommends incorporating Internet security with VoIP business systems to ensure thorough protection. Here are a handful of common VoIP security threats you should be on the look out for:

Real World VoIP Security Threats

Phishing. One of the most common types of problems is where cybercriminals pose as banking institutions, technology providers, or hosting companies. Phishing scams are often placed via text, audio or SMS. The cybercriminal is trying to collect sensitive passwords and other info for future misdeeds.

ID Spoofing. This is when a cybercriminal makes calls but presents a different caller ID to the receiver than the number actually being used. More tricky than anything else.

Man in the Middle. This is most common when you are using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. The cybercriminal attempts to intercept the call and reroute it through their servers, which ultimately gives them the ability to inject malware and spyware into the caller’s system.

Eavesdropping. Sounds like what it is. Just as with traditional landlines, VoIP users are at risk of someone eavesdropping. The data obtained while eavesdropping is usually used for identity theft purposes.

Altus recommends implementing a modern security program including managed firewall, data security, and mobile device management elements. And, of course, a healthy dose of common sense doesn’t hurt either.

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